Onboarding a New Employee

Job Board Admin
Onboarding a New Employee
  1. Access the Personnel Section: Click the "Personnel" button located in the sidebar on the left edge of the screen.
  2. View Employee Data: Upon entering the Personnel section, you will encounter a page displaying a table of employees. This table can be exported to an Excel CSV file for further analysis. Additionally, a pie chart is presented, illustrating the distribution of employees across various roles within the organization.
  3. Initiate Employee Addition: To add a new employee, locate and click the "Add Employee" button.
  4. Enter Employee Information: A comprehensive employee information form will appear. Diligently complete all required fields, including Name, Date of Birth, Location, Role, and Contact Information.
  5. Send Onboarding Email: Once the employee's email address has been entered, you will have the option to send them an onboarding email to facilitate their smooth integration into the organization.

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